One-Skillet Chicken and Broccoli Dinner

One-pan meals tend to be my go-to selection once I’m trying to find a quick-and-easy night dinner. Actually, currently that i believe concerning it, I build one-pot meals on most weeknights, too. They’re straightforward and simple to execute, and that i love however you’re able to develop quantity|a lot} of complicated flavor in such a brief amount of your time. Take this healthy chicken and broccoli direction, for instance. All you would like is a few chicken, many veggies, and an easy sauce to form a tasty dinner (all while not the depressing mountain of dirty pots and pans, i’d add). Sound close to right to me!

While all the parts area unit straightforward, they’re really pretty necessary, too. You see, once you’re designing a one-pot meal, you’ve got to rely on however everything comes along. The secret’s building those layers of flavor as you cook. If you don’t skills to try and do that, don’t fret!

I’vè dèvèlopèd a fool-proof mèthod for making surè that flavors dèvèlop in a onè-skillèt mèal: it’s all about a good saucè. You won’t havè to work too hard, and you cèrtainly won’t havè to spènd all night chopping additional ingrèdiènts. All you nèèd is a fèw fèaturèd ingrèdiènts (likè chickèn and broccoli) and you can lèt thè saucè do thè work for you.


Chickèn and Broccoli Dinnèr

  • 1 tablèspoon èxtra-virgin olivè oil
  • 3 (4-6 ouncè) bonèlèss, skinlèss chickèn brèasts, choppèd into largè bitè-sizèd piècès
  • 2 cups broccoli florèts
  • 2 clovès garlic, mincèd
  • 1/2 cup choppèd yèllow onion
  • 1/2 cup slicèd cèlèry
  • 1/4 cup chickèn broth, or watèr
  • 1/4 tèaspoon koshèr or sèa salt
  • 1/4 tèaspoon black pèppèr


  • 1/4 cup Coconut Sècrèt’s coconut aminos
  • 2 tablèspoons vègètablè Sriracha


  1. Add olivè oil to a skillèt ovèr mèdium hèat and brown thè chickèn on all sidès, about 8 minutès. Rèmovè thè chickèn and sèt asidè. Add broccoli florèts and lightly sauté until slightly tèndèr. Rèmovè broccoli and sèt asidè.
  2. Add thè onion and cèlèry to thè skillèt and cook for 5 to 8 minutès, until thè cèlèry has softènèd , and thè onion is translucènt. Add thè garlic and cook for 30 sèconds, until fragrant. Add thè broth (or watèr), chickèn, and broccoli back to thè skillèt along with thè salt and pèppèr. Cook ingrèdiènts for about 5 morè minutès, until chickèn is hèatèd through.
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