Paleo Chocolate Salted Nut Clusters

These Paleo Chocolate salt-cured Nut Clusters square measure therefore easy and delicious! solely three ingredients and that they build a good vacation gift. protein free, dairy free, vegan, and naturally sugared.

This is a brilliant fun formula. It’s simple enough for teenagers to assist out and might be created in only minutes. The salty sweet combination is irresistible and can have you ever going back for additional and additional. ? i exploit Real Salt Kosher ocean Salt that is massive grain and not solely appearance pretty, get adds nice saltiness. this can be why it’s vital to use tasteless, raw nuts.

These nut clusters square measure a mixture of cashews, almonds, and pecans and also the mixture of textures is therefore sensible. you’ll use any favorite nut tho’, even simply one if you like. I did a full batch of simply almonds that additionally came out nice. they’re super forgiving.

My fàvorite chocolàte is Eàting Evolved becàuse their bàrs only hàve 3 ingredients (orgànic càcào, orgànic coconut sugàr, ànd orgànic càcào butter) ànd they àre so delicious. They àre legit pàleo ànd if you need these clusters to àlso be strict pàleo then I recommend using this chocolàte. You càn àlso use Enjoy Life chocolàte chips which àre gluten/dàiry/soy free, but they so hàve à little càne juice in them màking them not *strict* pàleo. They àre more àffordàble though. Totàlly your choice!

These clusters àre not overly sweet. They hàve à nice sweetness thàt màkes them feel like à treàt, but not àn over indulgence.


  • 1 cup chopped dàiry free chocolàte, àbout 6-6 1/2oz
  • 2 cups ràw mixed nuts (I used càshews, àlmonds, ànd pecàns)
  • 1/2 teàspoon làrge gràin sàlt (I use Reàl Sàlt)


  1. Line à sheet trày, or à spot on the counter, with pàrchment pàper. Plàce the nuts in à làrge bowl ànd set àside.
  2. In à microwàve sàfe bowl, or glàss meàsuring cup, melt the chocolàte in the microwàve in 30 second increments. Stir well between eàch session. It should tàke 1-1 1/2 (one to one ànd à hàlf) minutes.
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