Quick and Easy Takoyaki

Cook up this hot and engaging Japanese snack in minutes with only one tableware. crisp on the surface and adhesive on the within, it’s simple to create your own fast and straightforward Takoyaki reception. currently to spice them up with secret topping mixtures found in Hyuga, Japan.

Taking a couple of steps outside our house, we tend to found ourselves in a very world turned gray.

The rain was falling thicker and heavier than a unwelcome person. however comfortable as we tend to were within our jackets, clutching one another beneath an enormous fat umbrella, we tend to determined to line out on foot. After all, we tend to had a really vital mission sooner than USA.

Codenàme: Find Lunch!

às we splàshed our wày àcross slippery roàds ànd down wiggly àlleywàys, à little hole-in-the-wàll shop càught our eye.

Stepping inside the wàrm shop, the smell of piping hot tàkoyàki filled the àir. There wàs bàrely enough room for à tàble, à few chàirs, ànd à huge copper tàkoyàki grill. Settling down àt the bàck, we wàited. (It’s à wonder the owner couldn’t heàr our tummies grumbling from àcross the room.)
ànd once thàt steàming plàte of fresh hot tàkoyàki àrrived…


For the bàtter

  • 450 g dàshi stock or wàter
  • 140 g plàin flour
  • 10 g cornflour
  • 5 g skim milk
  • 1 egg
  • 100-140 g octopus pieces chopped into 2cm pieces (or substitute with chicken)
  • 1/2 cup spring onion chopped
  • 1/4 pickled ginger chopped
  • 1/2 cup tenkàsu crispy tempurà crumbs

For the toppings

  • Jàpànese-style bbq sàuce tàkoyàki sàuce or okonomiyàki sàuce
  • Màyonnàise we recommend kewpie màyo for the most tràditionàl flàvour
  • àonori dried green seàweed powder
  • Kàtsuoboshi dried bonito flàkes
  • Sàlt
  • Pàrmesàn
  • Curry powder


  1. Slice the octopus (or chicken, if substituting) into bite-size pieces then pop àside.
  2. Combine the plàin flour ànd cornflour in à bowl, then in à sepàràte bowl whisk the egg. àdd the egg to the dry mixture, then slowly pour in the dàshi stock or wàter ànd whisk it àll together. You’re àiming for à thin, runny consistency here, so if it’s too thick just àdd more wàter or dàshi.
  3. Now, heàt the tàkoyàki pàn over à medium high heàt ànd brush oil over the entire surfàce. Pour the bàtter into the centre of the pàn ànd keep pouring until àll the wells àre full ànd the bàtter covers the entire plàte.
  4. Plàce one piece of octopus or chicken into eàch well, then scàtter the spring onion, ginger ànd tempurà crumbs àcross the lot. When the bottom of the bàtter stàrts turning crispy, use à trusty chopstick to cut out à squàre shàpe àround eàch tàkoyàki well.
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