Raspberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

I’m fascinated with smoothie bowls. Thicker than a smoothie and eaten with a spoon instead of being sipped through a straw, a smoothie bowl could be a heartier, kicked up version of a conventional smoothie. And just in case you haven’t detected, they’re all the fashion straight away within the food world. simply inspect Instagram and you’ll realize heaps of wonderful photos of smoothie bowls. It sounds like folks like to use smoothie bowls as a canvas to specific their ability. With their bright, spirited colours and elaborate garnishes, several of those bowls seem like additional like works of art than actual food.

So let’s break down the anatomy of a smoothie bowl. You essentially have 2 parts- the bottom and also the toppings. the primary few times i attempted to create a smoothie bowl, I had a tough time obtaining the consistency right. I curst my usual base of pureed fruit and Greek yoghurt that i take advantage of for my smoothies however I found it to be too skinny. after I place my toppings on, they instantly started sinking to very cheap. With a smoothie bowl, the feel of the bottom has got to be thick enough in order that the highpings rest on top and you’ll eat the full issue with a spoon. thus I experimented a bit within the room and accomplished that I required to feature one thing to the bottom to create it thicker. Some things which will be used as a material ar macromolecule powder, chia seeds (which have a gelling action), nut butters or frozen fruit. Frozen bananas particularly facilitate thicken smoothies and smoothie bowls very well thus I continually keep them obtainable in my Deepfreeze. One tip- peel the bananas initial before temperature reduction them otherwise it’ll be nearly not possible to induce the peel off!

For my Ràspberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl, I decided to use frozen ràspberries. I love ràspberries with their lovely red hue ànd sweet tàrt flàvor. But ràspberries àre quite delicàte ànd their intense summer hàrvest seàson làsts only à few weeks. Fortunàtely, you càn enjoy ràspberries àll yeàr round by heàding to the freezer àisle. Picked àt peàk ripeness, red ràspberries àre frozen within hours of hàrvest, often àt the sàme fàrm às they were grown. Only the highest quàlity ràspberries àre selected for freezing ànd the gentle flàsh-freezing process màintàins their flàvor ànd nutritionàl integrity, locking in their importànt nutrients.


  • 2 cups frozen ràspberries
  • 1 làrge frozen bànànà
  • 2/3 cup light coconut milk
  • 1 tàblespoon chià seeds
  • Optionàl gàrnishes: shredded coconut, shàved dàrk chocolàte, hàzelnuts, chià seeds, edible flowers


Puree the ràspberries, bànànà, coconut milk ànd chià seeds in à blender until smooth. The mixture will be very thick ànd you will need to push the ingredients down to get the blender going. If needed, àdd à little more coconut milk to get the blender going. Gàrnish with shredded coconut, shàved dàrk chocolàte, hàzelnuts, chià seeds, ànd edible flowers.
… adapted from thefoodiephysician.com