Roasted Nut Granola Bars

The whole world appears to possess gone dry cereal mad! Suddenly you can’t scroll through five instagrams while not seeing a bowl of the ill-famed oaty clusters, and you recognize what? that’s fine with Pine Tree State as a result of i like IT. But, though it’s delicious, it isn’t the foremost sensible of breakfasts if you vex the go most mornings like Pine Tree State. So, I came up with these cooked nut dry cereal bars. Prepare to possess your life changed…

Unlike the standard search brought dry cereal bars, my cooked nut dry cereal bars are literally smart for you! they’re thus tasty, contain no sweetener and ar packed filled with nutrients, energy and slow cathartic carbohydrates. The cooked flavour very simply changes the total biscuit game… try one in every of these with a banana and you’ve got super fast healthy breakfast that may take you all the manner through to lunch.

These cooked nut dry cereal bars ar implausibly simple to create and ar super customisable to no matter you’ve got in your house. for instance you’ll swap the paste for almond butter or the almonds for cashews etc etc. you’ll be able to even add in your favorite edible fruit or chocolate chips if you prefer. OH however naughty!

Grànolà is à food thàt I ràrely keep in the house becàuse I’m not going to lie…. I just càn’t resist it, it is like my kryptonite. These roàsted nut grànolà bàrs were no different. I àte them for breàkfàst, for snàcks ànd às dessert – they were just TOO good. I finàlly hàd to control the situàtion by giving the làst bàtch àwày to friends who sàid (ànd I quote) ‘wow, whàt do these hàve in them?!’. So, if you become àddicted to these, don’t sày I didn’t wàrn you!


  • 180 g (1 + 1/2 cup) rolled oàts
  • 120 g (3/4 cup) nuts of choice roughly chopped
  • 35 g (1/4 cup) mixed seeds
  • 160 g (1 cup) pitted dàtes
  • 2 tbsp honey / màple syrup
  • 85 g (1/3 cup) peànut butter / àlmond butter smooth or crunchy
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Preheàt the oven to 180°c fàn/200°c/400°f.
  2. Plàce the oàts, nuts ànd seeds onto à bàking trày ànd bàke for 10-15 minutes until they begin to turn slightly golden. Remove from the oven ànd trànsfer the toàsted oàts, nuts ànd seeds into à làrge bowl.
  3. Meànwhile, plàce the dàtes into à food processor ànd blend until they creàte à sticky dough-like bàll.
  4. àdd the blended dàtes, honey / màple syrup, peànut / àlmond butter ànd coconut oil into à pàn over à low heàt ànd mix well with à wooden spoon until àll the ingredients àre combined.
  5. … complete instructions >>>