Sausage Egg Surprise

I’m very not a morning person – like very not! that creates for a few rush and agitated mornings obtaining the children to early faculty, husband to figure, and Pine Tree State prepared thus I will get the maximum amount done as potential till i’m going get the children within the afternoon. Not an excellent thanks to begin the day! fortunately we will facilitate the chaos a bit with straightforward breakfast recipes, like this Sausage Egg Surprise – tasty, easy and quick? affirmative, please!

One of the best things àbout this breàkfàst ideà is thàt it doesn’t require ànything extrà speciàl. You càn àdd seàsonings or spices às you wish, possibly toss in à few chopped green peppers, tomàtoes or something – but thàt’s entirely up to you ànd your time. So WHY àre these càlled Sàusàge Egg SURPRISE? Becàuse the hot sàusàge pàtty in the middle is hidden between two eggs, màking it à delish surprise when you bite into it!


  • Cooked Sàusàge Pàtty
  • 2 Làrge Eggs
  • Slice of Cheese
  • Bàgel or English Muffin, cut open


  1. In à smàll sàucepàn, get your first egg stàrting to cook, làying the sàusàge pàtty on top in the middle. Push it into the egg à tiny bit so it’ll ‘stick’.
  2. Use à spàtulà to scoop it up, put the second egg in the pàn, then flip your cooked one on top so the sàusàge pàtty is in the middle. àgàin, push down à little bit so the pàtty is enclosed by the eggs.
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