Sirukeerai | Tropical Amaranth Kadaiyal For Rice

Sirukeerai | Tropical Amaranth Kadaiyal For Rice – Sirukeerai kadaiyal is a traditional recipe which is prepared in villages from decades back. This recipe is a source originated from my forefathers period and we do follow this recipe in our place for rice during lunch. So I don’t want to miss in sharing this recipe in my blog. It is called as Tropical Amaranth in English. They are richest source of vitamin A, C and folate. They are also a complementary source of B- Complex vitamins. It is an excellent food for diabetics! It controls the sugar level in the blood. Especially for women who approaching menopause stage, amaranth is good to consume. It is also good for liver and improves its function. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try to make it, it’s high in nutrition and also taste delicious.


Ingredients of Sirukeerai:

  • Sirukeerai -1 bunch
  • Green chillies -4
  • Shallots -6
  • Garlic -4 pods
  • Salt as required
  • Coconut oil- 4 tsp

Method of Preparation of  Sirukeerai:

  1. Separate only the leaves of the sirukeerai to use for cooking and throw off the stem.
  2. Wash well with water until any sand present are cleaned off.
  3. Heat 1 glass of water in a vessel and add the leaves and green chilies and a pinch of salt. Close the lid and cook until the amaranth (keerai ) is soft.
  4. Drain water and keep aside ( this water can be used if you just want to adjust the consistency, if not required then drain out).
  5. So add adequate water when cooking amaranth, such that you do not have any water to drain out.
  6. Grind the keerai to coarse paste with salt.
  7. Heat coconut oil in pan, add finely sliced shallots, crushed garlic and let it half fry.
  8. Add this to the grinded amaranth and smash well with ladle.
  9. Serve with hot rice for lunch.