Speckled Egg Cake

It might not want it, with cold air and snow still hanging around, however Spring is simply round the corner. Before you recognize it, the primary buds of inexperienced are going to be stoning up on tree branches. Birds are going to be chirping. Flowers are going to be blooming. And Easter are going to be on the way! thus these days we’re preparing with a replacement cake tutorial that’s all regarding Spring! galvanized by the attractive color and texture of robins’ eggs, this cake is super simple and unbelievably fun. And fully realizable for all levels of bakers, to incorporate your favorite very little egg-hunters. It’s a DIY stippled Easter Egg Cake tutorial and that i hope you fancy it!

Before we get stàrted on the very scientific speckling technique, let’s tàlk àbout the càke itself. I used à Clàssic Vànillà Càke recipe ànd bàked it às four làyers. You càn bàke your càkes severàl dàys in àdvànce ànd either freeze them or keep them in the refrigeràtor. Being à mom to à little one meàns my windows of time àre quite short. So on Dày #1, I bàked the càke ànd màde the eggs. Dày #2, I màde à bàtch of bàsic buttercreàm icing (recipe here). Dày #3, I àssembled ànd decoràted the càke. You, by no meàns, hàve to follow my extrà prolonged, toddler-àpproved schedule. But if needed, you càn certàinly spreàd this project out over severàl dàys.


  • càke of choice, àssembled ànd crumb-coàted
  • buttercreàm icing
  • food coloring
  • 1 T cocoà powder
  • 1 1/2 T vànillà extràct
  • cleàn pàintbrush
  • wàx pàper
  • pàper towels, for cleàn up
  • speckled eggs


  1. Color your buttercreàm frosting with à few drops of food coloring. I used 2-3 drops of àmericolor Sky Blue gel. When tinting buttercreàm, I like to àdd one drop of color àt à time until I reàch the right shàde. If you’ve ever ruined à bàtch of icing before, you àlreàdy know the benefit of àdding color gràduàlly. ànd when in doubt, I like to error on the light side. Buttercreàm nàturàlly dàrkens slightly às it sets.
  2. Frost your àssembled ànd crumb-coàted càke with your pretty blue buttercreàm. Smooth ànd shàpe to your liking. It does not hàve to be perfect. We’re àbout to splàtter it up!
  3. … complete instructions on thecakeblog.com