Sprouted Ragi / Fingermillet Flour | Mullaikatiya Ragi Maavu

Sprouted Ragi / Fingermillet Flour | Mullaikatiya Ragi Maavu  – Ragi and Ragi flour is considered to be the most natural and unrefined cereals which aids in weight loss. Ragi has wide range of health benefits and it is highly nutritious packed with full of calcium, iron, Protein and other minerals. So we can simple call the ragi as a “Wonder grain”  :-)

Since the days with my grandfather we consider Ragi as the most staple food for our breakfast either in the form of Kazhi (Ragi balls), Koozhu (Porridge), Pakoda (Pakaorars), Ragi milk for Infants and many more….. But the health benefits of these traditional grains were not conectted with all these years and now the era of healthy grains has again picked up its space of health concern among the people. Though cereals/grain are load with abundant health benefits, sprouted form of them has add-on benefits. Here is the basic stepwise pictures to make powder of sprouted ragi which use for variety of dishes you prepare.

Sprouted Ragi
Also Indians are found to be the highest producer of Ragi (Finger millet)

Ingredients Sprouted Ragi :

Ragi or Sprouted Ragi –  1 cup

Method of Preparation :

  1. Soak the ragi for 8 hours and drain the water.
  2. Allow it to sprout using any airtight container or hot case or even using a cloth
  3. Spread on a thick towel.
  4. Let it dry under fan for sometime and air dry till the moisture content goes off.
  5. Heat a thick kadai and dry roast in low flame
  6. Whe  you get a fine aroma put off the flame.
  7. Cool down, grind to fine powder and store in air tight container.

Stepwise Picture for making Sprouted Ragi Flour :

1.Take the sprouted Ragi.
2. Spread on thick towel and dry under fan
3. Then dry under shade until moisture leaves off
4. Take the sprouts in bowl
5. Dry roast in thick pan
6. Roast until you get fine aroma
7. Spread on paper and Allow it to cool down
8.Transfer into blender
9. Grind into fine powder
10. Store in air tight container.
11. I usually use a scoop to make porridge for my son’s breakfast.


  • First dry the sprout well under the fan and let it dry completely without any moisture.
  • Roast in low flame
  • I generally  do not use plain milk, even any of the store bought health supplements instead I use this as replacement of all these.