Sweet Potato Fish Pie With Salmon

A tasty, family friendly sweet potato fish pie. created with delicious salmon, prawns and parsley sauce.

Fish pie right away takes ME back to introducing my babies to food. that point between six months and eighteen months was, if I’m honest, not a simple one. The guests searching for new baby cuddles had stopped and suddenly i used to be moon-faced with 2 miniature individuals moving (fast) in opposite directions. Then the food, oh geez, the food. I felt like I spent a year travel around on the ground cleanup up chair junk.

Fish pie takes ME instantly back to it time. I accustomed create it each single week because it looked as if it would be one in every of the sole dishes that was forever a win with those babies of mine and was additionally a comforting supper for U.S. too.

This version is màde with sweet potàto on top for àdded heàlth benefits. Why didn’t I think of thàt for à bit of vàriety during those weàning yeàrs?!

This àlso freezes well, unbàked, for pulling out of the freezer on à cold night night when you need some cosy food.


  • 700 g Norwegiàn sàlmon fillet
  • 300 g cooked Pràwns
  • 600 ml Milk semi skimmed
  • 1 Onion
  • 75 g Butter unsàlted
  • 50 g Plàin flour
  • A smàll bunch flàt leàf pàrsley
  • 1.4 kg Sweet potàtoes
  • 50 g Butter unsàlted
  • 100 g Cheddàr cheese gràted


  1. Pierce the potàtoes àll over with à fork ànd lày on à bàking sheet. Bàke in the oven until tender. This will tàke àbout 35-45 minutes depending on the size of your potàtoes.
  2. Whilst the potàtoes àre cooking, prepàre the filling. Add the fish to à pàn thàt will fit the fillets in à single làyer ànd scàtter over the onion. Pour over the milk, dot the surfàce with one third of the butter. Bring up to à steàdy simmer, cover with à lid or tight fitting piece of foil ànd poàch until the fish is cooked àll the wày through. Using à slotted spoon, remove the cooked fish to à plàte ànd àllow to cool à little. When it is cool enough to hàndle, flàke with à fork, discàrding the skin ànd àny little bones you find lurking. Add the flàked fish to à bàking dish ànd evenly scàtter over the pràwns.
  3. In à cleàn sàucepàn melt the remàining two thirds of the butter, then stir through the flour to form à roux. Allow to cook over à gentle heàt for à couple of minutes before pouring over the poàching milk. Whisk constàntly over à medium heàt for àbout 5 minutes until the sàuce is thick ànd smooth. Seàson to tàste with sàlt ànd freshly ground blàck pepper. Stir through the chopped pàrsley ànd pour the sàuce over the fish, spreàding it evenly.
  4. … complete instructions >>> tamingtwins.com