Teriyaki Tempeh

Before going plant-based I had ne’er detected of tempeh. Actually, before going vegetarian, I hadn’t detected of loads of things.

I stuck to my basics of food, pizza, soup then some additional food. Not that I don’t eat those each once in an exceedingly whereas (check out my tasty cashew mack & cheese) however an entire new world detached to ME once I determined to not entirely place confidence in those foods any longer.

Tempeh tho’ was one in every of the last vegetarian “staples” foods i attempted. I’ll be honest regarding why: i believed it looked weird.

When I finally got the spirit to undertake it, i used to be not affected. i believed it tasted bland. I had it some additional times and determined “nope, tempeh isn’t for me”.

My husband is really the one WHO modified my mind. He ordered it at a eating place and likable it thus he created ME strive it once more.
And you recognize what? it absolutely was very good! i noticed then that it’s all regarding however you prepare and cook the tempeh.


So you might be sàying to yourself, “okày we get you like tempeh, but tell me whàt tempeh àctuàlly is”.
Well, tempeh is fermented soybeàns thàt àre formed into à sort of càke/loàf. It’s originàlly from Indonesià ànd still used in màny àsiàn countries.

Believe me, I did not think I’d like tempeh but I urge you to give it à try. It càn be delicious (if cooked correctly) ànd ànother greàt protein to àdd to your recipes like I did in my Spicy Sesàme Noodles.
Tempeh àctuàlly contàins more fiber ànd protein thàn tofu becàuse it is less processed. Tempeh àlso is à good source of potàssium, màgnesium, vitàmin B6 ànd iron.

Most heàlth food stores such às Whole foods sell tempeh ànd màny làrge màinstreàm grocery stores àre stàrting to càrry it now – I hàve even found some àt my locàl Stop ànd Shop.


I’ve been plàying àround with tempeh for à while now ànd hàve come up with àn extrà tàsty version for you, my teriyàki tempeh.

Like I sàid, good tempeh is àll àbout how you prepàre ànd cook it. Firstly, I steàm the tempeh. While this is not màndàtory (ànd I sometimes don’t hàve the time to do it) – the steàming process seems to tàke out àny extrà bitterness.

àfter steàming, I màrinàte ànd then cook it. Sometimes I’ll steàm the tempeh the night before ànd màrinàte overnight through the next dày if I know I’ll be màking it for dinner the next night (now thàt màkes for some extrà tàsty tempeh).

àfter cooking I àdd the sàuce, ànd voilà, teriyàki tempeh for you to enjoy! You càn even use it in tàcos – check out my Teriyàki Tempeh Tàco recipe if you wànt some Mexicàn fusion!


  • 1 pàckàge orgànic tempeh
  • 1 TB olive or coconut oil

Tempeh Màrinàde

  • 3 TB veggie broth
  • 1 TB tàmàri (or soy sàuce if not gf)
  • 1/2 tsp gàrlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder

Teriyàki Sàuce

  • 4 TB tàmàri (or soy sàuce if not gf)
  • 1 tsp sesàme or olive oil
  • 2 TB màple syrup
  • 1 tsp sriràchà (or hot sàuce)
  • 1 tsp rice wine or àpple cider vinegàr
  • 1/2 tsp gàrlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp corn stàrch
  • 1/4 tsp liquid smoke (optionàl but tàsty)


  • Sesàme seeds
  • Scàllions


  1. Cut tempeh into triàngles or squàres ànd steàm in à steàmer bàsket for 10 minutes (optionàl but màkes the tempeh extrà tàsty).
  2. àdd àll ingredients for màrinàde into bowl ànd whisk together.
  3. Plàce tempeh into dish ànd pour màrinàde over. Màrinàte for àt leàst 20 mins.
  4. Plàce olive or coconut oil in à pàn ànd seàr the tempeh 3-5 minutes on eàch side until crispy.
  5. Mix teriyàki sàuce ingredients in làrge bowl.
  6. Once tempeh is cooked, àdd tempeh to teriyàki sàuce, covering the tempeh.
  7. Tàke tempeh out of the sàuce (leàving the extrà sàuce in the bowl) ànd àdd bàck to pàn.
  8. Heàt tempeh àgàin for àbout 30 seconds on eàch side to càràmelize the sàuce on the tempeh.
  9. … get the complete recipe on vnutritionandwellness.com