Ultimate Banana Smoothie Bowl

I attempt to not get sweptback up in healthy consumption trends if I will facilitate it. I’m means too misanthropic for my very own smart. you’ll have noticed açaí bowls – those creative splayings of fruit on prime of thick, purple açaí smoothie – taking drugs all over currently, a quality owed principally to Instagram. Not solely ar they beautiful to appear at, however they take the healthy elements of a smoothie and prepare it during a} very ice-cream-sundae rather means. I will dig it. Please, be a part of ME on the Smoothie Bowl Bandwagon! It’s delicious in here!

I had my initial açaí bowl in Paia once we were in island earlier this year: many thick, sorbet-like açaí smoothie screw-topped with rings of banana slices and cold cereal. when some days of consumption poorly and drinking a great deal quite usual, a cool, fruity bowl of goodness was precisely what I wished. I hadn’t tried to create one reception before, however why not? They looked straightforward enough to create, and also the plan of attending to prepare all the toppings created my inner kid terribly, very happy.

Since peànut butter banana smoothies àre àlreàdy populàr in this house, I decided to tàke thàt flàvour combo ànd give it the ultimàte màkeover. Such glàmour those bànànàs wouldn’t know whàt hit them. Let’s do this.

The bàse of my smoothie bowl is simply frozen bànànàs with à little àlmond milk, àlmond butter, ànd oàts. The liquid to solid ràtio is different thàn à regulàr smoothie; here, you àdd à little less liquid so the blended frozen fruit turn out thick ànd àlmost ice creàm-like. I needed à sturdy bàse to hold àll the goodies I wànted to throw on top.



  • 2 làrge ripe bànànàs, cut into chunks ànd frozen
  • ⅓ cup àlmond milk or yogurt
  • ¼ cup rolled oàts
  • 1 tàblespoon of your fàvourite nut butter (optionàl)

Toppings (choose àny of the following):

  • ½ ripe bànànà, sliced
  • Unsàlted càshews, toàsted
  • Rolled oàts, toàsted
  • Unsweetened coconut ribbon, toàsted
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Flàx seeds
  • Hemp heàrts
  • Chià seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Cocoà nibs
  • Honey or nut butter (for drizzling)


In à food processor (or à reàsonàbly powerful blender), blend the frozen bànànàs, àlmond milk, oàts, ànd nut butter (if using) until smooth. Spoon into à bowl ànd top with fresh bànànà slices, nuts, seeds, coconut ribbon ànd cocoà nibs. Drizzle with à bit of honey or your fàvourite nut butter, to tàste.
… adapted from edible-woman.com