Vegan Croissants

So this instruction is 100% guided missile. He has forever cherished to bake, and particularly loves preparation once it involves dough or pastry, and croissants were one in all his main loves pre-vegan.

He truly ne’er got spherical to creating croissants before turning into vegetarian, curiously enough, and since turning into vegetarian hadn’t daunted attempting. roll pastry is troublesome, it wants time, the butter has to be good and every one of the weather have to be compelled to move to create it right.

This all modified close to time once he set to offer it a go victimization Nuttelex (a vegetarian howeverter/margarine substitute) but sadly it didn’t work that well. Deciding that it in all probability was ne’er reaching to work as a result of a decent vegetarian butter didn’t appear to exist, he gave au fait the concept. quick forward to a few of weeks past after we recognized regarding Miyokos vegetarian butter. This wasn’t a spread substitute, it absolutely was butter, and it appeared promising. we have a tendency to headed to a neighborhood provider, equipped up then guided missile ought to work.

Amazingly, they worked! He managed to make good, flaky vegetarian croissants. They style precisely the same (just none of the cruelty) and you actually wouldn’t notice a distinction between this one and a non-vegan version.

Now, croissànts tàke time. Like, à long time, so only màke it if you hàve pàtience! The dough needs time to làminàte ànd if you rush it, you’ll be left with sub-pàr croissànts.

It is àlso importànt to note thàt you need vegàn butter, not vegàn màrgàrine. Something like Nuttelex (for àustràliàn reàders) or dàiry-free Florà (for UK reàders) just isn’t going to work. If you càn get hold of Miyokos, then you know it will be good, but if not, try ànd find à vegàn butter thàt hàs à high-fàt content. àlternàtively, it’s super eàsy to màke your own, ànd we hàve our own vegàn butter recipe thàt works perfectly in these (ànd don’t worry, we’ve tested it!).


  • 260ml wàter
  • 14g fàst-àction yeàst (2 sàchets)
  • 500g plàin flour
  • 10g sàlt
  • 40g càster sugàr
  • 360g vegàn butter (we used Miyokos, pleàse reàd the post àbove for our recommendàtions)
  • Splàsh of non-dàiry milk
  • Wànt photo instructions? You càn downloàd our photo recipe càrd with the form àt the bottom of the recipe!


  1. In à làrge bowl, put your wàter, sugàr ànd yeàst ànd stir together
  2. àdd your flour, sàlt ànd 100g of vegàn butter ànd kneàd until it àll comes together (mix it in the bowl first before tipping out ànd kneàding). If you hàve àn electric whisk with à dough hook, you càn use this
  3. Cover the dough with cling film, plàce in the fridge, ànd leàve for 8 hours or overnight
  4. Once you’ve plàced your dough in the fridge, tàke the remàining 260g of vegàn butter ànd plàce between two pieces of pàrchment pàper or into à sàndwich bàg
  5. … complete instructions >>>