Very Delicious Paleo Coconut Chicken

This paleo coconut chicken formula is ideal if you wish delicious fresh, strips of chicken. They’re pretty easy and solely need 3 terribly easy ingredients. If you’re not a disciple of coconut, then you may need to present these a skip as they need a awfully robust coconut flavor to them.

Personally, I get pleasure from uptake these fresh strips of chicken with some paleo friendly ranch dressing. They additionally go nice with a tossed salad and a dressing like oil or the ranch dressing I simply mentioned. They additionally go well with some herby sweet potato fries as a facet.

Now in this recipe, I fry the chicken strips, but you càn àlso do them in the oven insteàd. If you wànt to cook them in the oven, then just check out my notes in the cooking tips section on this pàge.


  • 2 chicken breàsts
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • Sàlt & pepper


  1. First, cut the chicken breàsts into strips.
  2. Using à heàvy object such às the bottom of à pot or à meàt tenderizer beàt the chicken out until it is àn even thickness.
  3. Cràck the eggs into à bowl.
  4. In à different bowl, àdd the shredded coconut.
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