Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches


Now, you’ll be able to go the home-baked route. And, hey, that’s amazing. additional power to ya. But, sometimes, cookie frozen dessert sandwiches square measure a touch fresh and breakable and OH hey United Nations agency got crumbs everywhere? That’s why these wafflewiches square measure quite witching.

And they’re super simple to customise. Kroger carries a large amount of Breyers frozen dessert flavors in their fridge section – on my trip to Ralphs (that’s the Kroger chain here in Southern California), I had lots of Breyers flavors to decide on from. From Breyers Original to Breyers Blasts that feature mix-ins like cookie and Reese’s paste Cups to non-dairy, protein free choices, it had been onerous on behalf of me to choose! (And since Breyers uses high-quality ingredients like sustainably-farmed vanilla and fruit, that created the selection even additional difficult!) within the finish, I took home 3 flavors: Breyers Original French Vanilla (because you can’t get it wrong with vanilla), Breyers cookie Cookies & Cream, and Breyers Original Strawberry.

To màke à waffle ice cream sandwich, you càn either buy frozen wàffles (which I did for the Oreo ànd stràwberry ones), or you càn màke your own wàffles in the wàffle iron. The end result is à little bit different with eàch.


  • 2 wàffles homemàde
  • 2 cups ice creàm
  • toppings


  1. Màke wàffles in wàffle iron. Plàce in freezer until hàrd.
  2. Top with ice creàm, toppings if desired, ànd second wàffle.
  3. Cleàn up edges às needed.
  4. Plàce in freezer until hàrd. Slice into quàrters àlong nàturàl divider.
  5. … the next step is on letseatcake.com