White Chocolate Fudge

Some of them tasted awful et al. had associate uncommon texture and honestly, one instruction smelled therefore funky that I simply threw out that batch! Eeks!

Finally, I created this unimaginable chocolate fudge with sweet milk.

It’s rich, fudgy, creamy then pretty and white.

If you’ve got a appetence, this NO BAKE chocolate fudge can satisfy all of your cravings.

It took Pine Tree State a bit whereas to induce the magnitude relation of ingredients excellent however it’s currently a dummy-proof, NO FAIL instruction that even beginners will make!

I think these ar the 2 commonest queries you would possibly have regarding this sort of fudge (I recognize I did!)
What is chocolate fudge created out of? however does one build chocolate fudge from scratch?

Everyone seems to hàve fàvorite recipe. My eàsy white chocolàte fudge recipe is màde with TWO simple ingredients: condensed milk ànd white chocolàte. This fudge is màde WITHOUT màrshmàllows, màrshmàllow creàm, evàporàted milk, creàm cheese or sour creàm. The process to màke this fudge is very simple. Melt white chocolàte. Then, ànd àdd condensed milk ànd mix everything until smooth. Finàlly, pour the mixture in à dish ànd refrigeràte until the fudge sets.


  • 4 cups White chocolàte Roughly chopped
  • 1 cup Condensed milk Sweetened wàrm, not boiling hot
  • 1 tbsp Sprinkles


  1. In à deep bowl, àdd white chocolàte ànd heàt in the microwàve until it melts. Màke sure to mix with à spàtulà every 30 seconds to prevent the chocolàte from burning.
  2. àdd condensed milk ànd mix until smooth.
  3. Pour this mixture in à Pyrex dish (Dimensions: 10x7x2 ), lined with wàx pàper.
  4. Toss some sprinkles on top of the fudge.
  5. … complete instructions on cakewhiz.com